Monday, November 8, 2010

Annotated Bibliography

Ok, so i got assigned in my history class to do an annotated bibliography. When I first heard the word, I was like what is that? I know I am supposed to be in college, but...HUH? I was so confused. So I finally read the description and figured out I had to write 10 summaries with opinions on 10 books that I only spend 10-15 minutes inside of. Pretty much I had to write a summary with an opinion on a book that I read but don't read at all.

This mid boggled me. I had no idea what to do and how to do this. We finally got ahold of some examples, but I just didnt understand. So, I said I was just going to have to start and find my way thru some way and not die before I had even started (which is what I did with my midterm essay for the class). Well, it is due tomorrow and yes, I figured out exactly how to do it. I dont think I am going to get an A but I will not fail either. (oh, I am also doing this to avoid doing my last summary. Gotta love how other classes can serve as a distraction for other classes!!!!!!)

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