Friday, September 3, 2010

English Assignment

Ok, so I have to do this blog for college. I really don't mind the assignment....its better than writing a 20 page essay! it goes!

I go to Southern Adventist University. Coming here was a big shock for me....I was used to a small boarding school where I knew everyone and I knew about all the ins and outs of going to that school. Here at a bigger school with more people and alot more faculty and a much bigger campus, I feel like I get swallowed in the every day tasks and that I dont have a big effect on being at this school. Yeah, I may meet 10 new people every day, but nothing ever grows from that first meeting and I always tend to resort back to the friends that I knew from high school. Don't get me wrong I love them to pieces, but I want to meet and gain some new friends. You ever just get tired of the same people over and over. You love them but you just want something else to happen in your life. Right now....that's how I feel. And I somewhat feel bad for my friends that I feel this way toward them.....but then again they have been in college for a month now and have new friends.....I have only been in college for 2 weeks and dont have that many new friends. I guess new friends will come with time!!!! :)

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