Friday, September 10, 2010



Ok, so it is my second week of college and I really actually am starting to enjoy it. I am so happy I stayed in the dorm because I really wouldnt have any friends if I was off campus. My life would consist of driving back and forth between college and home.

I like being in college. It gives me a freedom I never even knew I would get now! Everyone treats me like an adult and I didnt think that would happen until I was out of college. Dont get me wrong this new found freedom/adulthood is great......just.....I now have a lot of things on my head that I thought I wouldnt have to deal with until later. Like, finances. My mom and dad help me a little but if I want any extra money I have to go get it myself or I better have a really good reason why I need it. Also, I am responsible for every single bit of my time. I was before in charge of it, but I had rules on when I could do things and when I couldnt. Now.....I have no rules. None....nada.....zilch. There are only rules on when I need to be in the dorm and how early I can leave in the morning. The other rules that the dorm has are rules that are common sense to me and the rules I already have in place.

Dorm life is different, but I like it alot and I am glad I got to experience it!!!

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