Sunday, October 3, 2010

ROADTRIP!!! yesterday I went to Alabama to meet my best friends grandmother who is moving to Florida today! Clarissia(my best friend) hadnt seen her grandma in a while and really wanted to go see her before she wouldnt be able to see her until thanksgiving break. So I volunteered to take her. Clarissia, Marissa, Megan and I climbed into the car yesterday morning and took a hour and half drive to Huntsville/Woodville, AL, area.

The trip took on another purpose when I realized that a friend from college lives out there. I talked to her and we ended up hanging together Sabbath afternoon. It was such a blast. She and her friend, Daniel took me and marissa and megan to a really cool park in downtown huntsville and then we went to a mall for rich people and then ate supper together.

We didnt get home till like 11pm, but we had so much fun and had a blast exploring new places and getting lost.

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